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What is Iberico Pork?

We at the Publick House enjoy bringing you the freshest and most exotic ingredients from all over the world, such as our Caciocavallo cheese. The most important items on your dish is the protein, and one of the most popular proteins is pork. However, mainstream pork can be older, less flavorful, contains chemicals, and doesn’t quite taste as it was intended. This is why we take the time to research and select our pork and are proud to choose Iberico pork. We will tell you why it is a must taste below.

What is Iberico Pork?

This type of pork comes from pigs in the Iberian Peninsula that covers the central and southern parts of Portugal and Spain. The Iberian pig pre-exists modern animal domestication and eats a diet of oak, acorns, and nuts.

Iberico pork is distinctly different from what we call pig meat. It looks like beef in its raw form as opposed to the white meat of normal pigs. Due to their diet and environment, Iberico pigs infiltrate fat into their muscles, which results in better flavor and even more unsaturated oleic fat. This is the fat found in olive oil that may reduce cholesterol and is a staple of the Mediterranean diet.

What Does Iberico Taste Like?

The flavor can best be described as a mix between traditional pork and a flavorful steak. The pigs are specially bred, are not overfed, and as a result, the meat tends to cost more than traditional pork. However, we believe it is well worth the price for lovers of pork and flavorful meat. Iberico pork can come in:

  • Shoulder steaks and loins
  • Ribs and racks
  • Pork belly
  • Tenderloin
  • Sausage
  • Even ground pork
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What Are the Health Benefits of Iberico Pork?

The health benefits depend greatly on the cut you choose. However, many of these cuts contain protein, iron, and other vitamins and minerals found in sustainable, grass fed portions.

To see more on Iberico pigs and their benefits, click here to get an exclusive video from the channel on Food & Wines from Spain.

Iberico Pork at The Publick House

Our chef at the Publick House loves using new and innovative ingredients. We are proud to use Iberico pork and other meats from the region, such as our Iberico Cabacero Steak made with black beans, Swiss chard, and salsa roja fried shallot. You may also request the Iberico pork ahead of time to ensure we have plenty in stock. Feel free to make a reservation to give it a taste for yourself.

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